About Amir Sebai – CEO & Founder of Kanzeh.net

Amir Sebai on his laptop

Amir Sebai is the Founder and CEO of Kanzeh.net, an online fashion store coming out from a great artistic concept which is Arabic calligraphy. Founded back in 2015, the whole company was based on this unique creative concept. The strategy he applied to his business came from the ideals of learning from almost everything; from the speeches he heard, the events he attended, and from the conferences he appeared.

“The human brain is designed just like computers, you have your input organs and your output organs, you get the information through input organs, then process it in the brain, then figure out solutions”, he says. 

“It works for everything, it does not matter how technical it is or how many skills you have, what matters the most is processing everything logically. Sales, marketing, communication skills, public relations, business management,  all these skills are gained through these process.”

From a basic college student to become a serial entrepreneur, he made himself – ‘made’.


How did you start your business?

This business started as an Instagram page where people can direct message us to order t-shirts. We had a good supplier for printed t-shirts. Every product on our Instagram page was created by…………..

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